In order for your business to thrive you must continually look for new ways to implement strategies that sell your product and you must keep up with the latest tools and trends. This includes the formation of a website. Around 67 million people shopped online in 2013, and those numbers are continually growing.

The Importance of a Website

A website helps build your brand as trustworthy and reputable while providing short and long-term benefits to the company.  Shoppers love the ability to access your site 24 hours per day, make purchases and have it delivered directly to their door and all of the other awesome perks that come along with online shopping.

But not just any website will work. There’s a ton of competition out there. This is true whether you’re offering the latest fashions or a psychic hotline. To ensure the most success with your website you must ensure that you are effectively marketing an attractive, worthwhile website.       

Sell Yourself

Your website is a place to sell yourself and what you have to offer. The average website visitor will spend only 7 seconds on a majority of the websites they visit. That’s a very limited amount of time that you have to get your message out there loud and clear. To ensure that you do this spend time thinking of your sales pitch and slogans, your blog and the overall message that you want to convey to each person who visits your website.  Your content copy should be informative, interesting and easy-to-read. Remember that there is not one-size-fits all image, so do not try to mimic what you perceive to be the ‘perfect’ website. Your own voice, creativity and personality will certainly shine, ad be recognized and welcomed.

Call to Action is Important

A Lack of a worthwhile call to action on your website could be your answer poor conversions. There are a number of ‘Call to Action’ buttons that can be added to your website, such as a ‘Buy Now’ button or a ‘Purchase’ button. A call to action is used to encourage people to take the next step in interaction with you.    

Make sure that you encourage shopping with you by placing your telephone number in the top or bottom corner of each page, address and authoritative links at the bottom of your page. People want to be able to quickly get your information rather than visit your site, sometimes, and that’s oaky. Cater to those needs.   

Conversion Tracking is Important

Small businesses often neglect conversion tracking, and this is a big mistake. Tracking conversions is very simple, and it provides a magnitude of benefits for the business.   When you track conversions you’ll easily be able to determine how many people visit your website and where they’ve come from and how to make these visitors your customers instead of those of the competition. As a business you will be able to measure the amount of money you are spending for your marketing efforts, where to put those funds for best results and learn more about modifications made to your site and the overall success that you’ll see.

Quality Content is Essential

Visitors come to your website for two reasons: they need information and the want to make a purchase.  You’re already in there to gain a new customer when they visit your site. Now the key is to keep them there. High quality, well- written, meaningful content is the best way to keep them on your site and loyal to your brand. Every bit of information you provide should contain the same quality, informative content. Think outside of the box and put yourself on the other side of the screen: what do you want to see? Give it to them in easy-to-digest, entertaining pieces to score major points and gain loyal customers.   Informative, meaningful content shows your professionalism and integrity, and more people will want to work with you. 

Introduce Yourself

A website without an ‘About Us’ page is odd, boring, and less trustworthy for the customer. Your website should always include such a page, but before you rush off to quickly jot something down and label this section, take the time to create a page that is beneficial to both you as well as the customer. How is this possible? First, make sure that your page gives the visitor a good picture of your company, who you are and what your purpose is. Rather than stop there, tell the visitor why you will leave them with an unforgettable experience. Tell them all of the things that you’ll do for them, and make the visitor want to continue to work with you.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Starting April 21 Google will penalize businesses who do not have a mobile-friendly version of their website.  The penalties include placing your site lower in ranks than sites with a mobile friendly version. This could be very costly to any business. In addition, there are a number of other reasons that your website should be mobile-friendly. More people access the web using their smartphone or tablet than those who visit using a PC or a laptop.    Known as a responsive website, this ensures that a visitor is capable of visiting your website no matter the type of device they are on. Mobile friendly websites are easier to access from a smartphone, with better drop-down menus and a plethora of other mobilized features.

A Visually Appealing Website

Your website’s appearance is important, so make sure that it is appealing so to grab the customer’s attention from the moment they arrive on your website. When your website is appealing, comfortable and fun, the visitor is far more likely to return in the future as well as recommend your site to their friends and acquaintances. You will also be taken more serious when you have a professionally designed, appealing website.

CMS Structure

The website platform is an essential part of your website design. This affects the visitor’s ability to communicate with your site, and ensures that all of the most vital components are in place. A good CMS system will include quick load times, simple editing of content, and SEO –ready.

Meet their Needs

Your website should meet the needs of the visitor by handling all of their reason for visiting your website in the first place. If you use the tips above you can ensure that your website is able to meet these demands. Your website should be easy to use, informative and able to handle the needs of each visitor. Remember –think outside of the box.   

What’s Your Strategy?

Knowing that you will market your website isn’t enough. In order to be a success you need to have a website marketing strategy in place and ready to execute.  When creating your strategy it is important that you look at the ways most effective for marketing your website and put a great deal of time and attention into those chosen strategies.   There’s tons of marketing options to take your pick from including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC and many others.

Choose your Website Design Company Wisely

The most important step that you can take in ensuring that you get a site that is well put together, informative and a cut above the other guys. There are tons and tons of companies out there promising to be the website design professional that you need. Sadly most aren’t qualified or capable of fully meeting your needs.    You must take the time to carefully choose the right website design company if you do not want to regret your decision.

Some tips to help you choose the best website design company:

Check out the website. It should impress you from the start, with all of the key elements in place.   

The company should have plenty of experience, and a portfolio that reflects the work they’ve done in the past.  Take a good, hard look at the portfolio before hiring.

Do not be shy, and ask for 3 to 4 references. Any good website design company will have them available, and by checking with those who have worked firsthand with the company you can get a better idea of what to expect when you entrust the company for your design needs.

Website design is more important than ever. Do not make the mistake of leaving your site a world behind, and get in touch with us for incredible website design that will knock you off of your feet.     

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