website securityWordPress websites can be a great way to get your business or whatever you are promoting on to the internet. It provides a great platform for sharing information, but if these websites or plugins are not kept up to date it can provide a great deal of problems in the future. WordPress is a user friendly blogging platform that almost anyone with a computer can complete, but you want to ensure that your site is up to date.

Negligence of one’s WordPress website can leave your site open to hackers who could tear it down or do even worse.  Your website could possibly be taken off search results, your reputation could be damaged for now and well into the future, but more importantly it will  take a great deal of time to clean up the mess and revive your site. This is certainly not something that you will want to experience.

WordPress has become extremely popular and is always moving forward, with a new and improved versions released every three to four months and sub versions to fix bugs and security issues in between. The popularity of WordPress means a good amount of internet hackers spend a lot of time to finding holes in WordPress. They are actually pretty good at doing this, as you might imagine with all of the talk that you hear about hackers stealing information from various big name companies. So as you can see it is extremely important to keep your WordPress core files and plugins updated at all times, else if you neglect to apply the updates to your site it will be sitting there waiting to be hacked.

Even Google started warning website owners that if they were running out of date WordPress versions that they needed to update it. This proves the severity of leaving your WordPress site not up to date.

Fixing a hacked website can be a long and involved process that could cost a lot  in time and money to fix, not to mention your website may never be the same again. There is always the chance that you will not be able to rebuild yourself or your brand after such a significant occurrence has taken place in your life.

If you have a WordPress site being run by a company or if you have hired an individual to build it for you, it is important that you make sure they updated it after every new version comes out and also make sure the plugins are up to date as well. For this reason it is important that you choose only a qualified professional to handle the creation of your WordPress website.

If you care anything about your word press website this safety measure is essential to successful functioning and protection of your WordPress website.  All in all it is not difficult to protect your and the cost of not doing so may have adverse results if your website is targeted by hackers. Do not allow this to happen to you when it is simple and easy to avoid.

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